October 15, 2018

Midwest News & Roundup - Week 7

By BJ Pheasant

This week’s focus is on conference standings and potential NCAA Automatic Qualifiers, (AQ’s).

Welcome to the Midwest News & Review. I will highlight women's NCAA D3 soccer games in the Midwest area (comprised of the Great Lakes, Central, and North Regions). National importance will be followed by regional importance and towards the end of the season conference considerations will crop up. Time is limited so I exercise judgement on notable games to report each week. My editors make me look good; thank you.

Week 7 Notes

The column format is a bit different this week and is by Region and by Conference instead of being tied directly to regional and national rankings and those receiving votes. I will also try and predict automatic qualification (AQ) for the national tournament and at-large bids.

Teams should have good strength of schedule (SOS), success against NCAA regionally ranked teams, double digit wins, and be above .500 in conference play to be considered for an at-large bid. View “Coming Wednesday: the rankings that matter” for a detailed discussion.

Only ten undefeated teams remain in the nation. Of those ten only five appear likely to make the NCAA tournament without winning their conference Automatic Qualifier.


Based on the strength of schedule (SOS) of the five conferences I am listing in this region it appears that only one team has a chance to make the NCAA tournament as an at-large bid. Winning the conference tournament and gaining the automatic qualifier (AQ) is vital for these conferences.

The top team listed in each conference is the favorite for the AQ.

American Rivers Conference (ARC)

Loras (12-2-0 / 5-0-0): The Duhawks have an 11 game winning streak after an early loss to No. 16 St. Thomas. They have two of the remaining teams in...

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BJ Pheasant


Contributor turned Columnist BJ Pheasant has significant D3 experience with women's soccer throughout the midwest as a coach for the past nine years. With experience ranging from successful rebuilding projects to nationally ranked teams with a post season pedigree he is excited to spotlight happenings in the Great Lakes region on a weekly basis to help players, parents and fans of D3 soccer be knowledgeable about the sport and competition. [see full bio]

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