October 15, 2018

Mid-Atlantic Review, Week 7

By D3soccer.com Contributor

There were few surprises this week in the Mid-Atlantic. Maybe in the manner in which some teams won, but few surprises. The Game of the Week belonged to two Centennial Conference giants who once again battled to a one goal result - the 18th time those two titans have fought it out in matches ending in a one goal difference or less. Let’s recap week seven and then look forward, as the end of the regular season is just around the corner...

Messiah (12-1-0 / 5-0-0) No. 2

The Falcons traveled to Annville, PA, Wednesday afternoon to face Lebanon Valley (5-4-2 / 1-2-1) and head coach, Messiah soccer alum Leah (Sipe) McDermott (‘12). The Dutchmen strangled the midfield for the Falcons early and slowed their offensive attack, but eventually the Falcons wore down the Dutchmen defense when sophomore Maddie Kohl headed in a Sarah Strachan cross in the 20th minute. Junior Megan Mansfield came off the bench and scored two goals for the Falcons and Brooke Firestone added another in the 4-0 conference victory.

When the Falcons traveled to Alvernia (3-9-2 / 1-3-0) Saturday afternoon, they encountered an opponent committed to defense. The Golden Wolves didn’t just “park the bus”, they turned off the engine and slashed the tires. Alvernia was so devoted to putting all 11 players within thirty yards of their goal, that when the Falcons got on the scoreboard with a Lilly Shover converted penalty at the 39th minute mark, they were either unwilling or unable to change their strategy. The entrenchment continued well into the 69th minute when Megan Mansfield was able to add an insurance goal, and without any Golden Wolves’ offense being generated, the MAC Commonwealth game ended with a Falcon 2-0 victory. The Falcons outshot the Golden Wolves 27-0 (13-0 SOG) and led in corners 9-0. The Falcon defense has only given up three total shots through five conference games and none of those have been on goal.

The Falcons host two MAC Commonwealth matches this week, first Wednesday night against Lycoming (1-13-0 /...

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Women's MId-Atlantic Review


The weekly Mid-Atlantic Review will survey the Division III women's soccer landscape throughout the NCAA Mid-Atlantic Region consisting of four states but it could be called the Pennsylvania or maybe Quaker region as 43 of the region's 63 schools are located in Pennsylvania. And this excludes the sixteen schools assigned to the Great Lakes region (PAC and AMCC plus Carnegie Mellon and Allegheny). This region features these conferences: Centennial, CSAC, Landmark, MAC Commonwealth, MAC Freedom and the NEAC.

We will look at some of the key match-ups, results, and standout performances, identifying who is trending up and who is trending down each week.

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