2016 D3soccer.com Men's All-America teams The men's All-America teams for 2016 are final: Lucas Terci, Jacob Bender, Trent Vegter and Scott Greenwood lead as Players of the Year. [MORE] February 21, 2017
Tufts gains No. 1 ranking in final men's poll In a season defined by increased parity, a lack of consensus seems fitting. Calvin, Messiah, and previously top-ranked Chicago snatch some first-place votes from the 5-loss champions who entered the tournament unranked. [MORE] December 12, 2016
Washington U. is No.1 in final women's Top 25 The first-time champions beat out runner-up Messiah and previous No. 1 William Smith for top billing despite both garnering a first-place vote. [MORE] December 12, 2016
Wash U. claims first title on PK shootout win The Bears were perfect in the PK shootout after 110 minutes wasn't enough to determine a victor. Messiah was stronger in attack throughout the game, but they needed a late equalizer after Wash U. scored first against the run of play. [MORE] December 3, 2016
Who will win Friday and meet in the women's final?
Messiah and Washington U.
Messiah and Brandeis
Chicago and Washington U.
Chicago and Brandeis
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