2019 Recruiting Classes

D3soccer.com is compiling lists of men's and women's "commitments" and recruiting classes for the 2019 season. "Commitments" made between prospective student-athletes and Division III institutions are non-binding. Below we provide a brief explanation of how "commitments" work on the Division III level.

To date we have compiled 1101 men's and 566 women's "commitments" to 299 men's and 196 women's teams, respectively. Our lists have been compiled from countless team sources, press/media reports, soccer club and association releases, other online resources, and submissions to our website. Please read to the bottom of the page to see how you can help make our lists the most complete and accurate they can be.

Click on the following titles to see our full lists of "commitments" organzied by recruiting classes for each school.

Men's "Commitments" and Recruiting Classes

[UPDATED: May 21, 2019]

The list to date includes
• 1101 men's players
• representing 44 different states and more than 830 different high schools and 410 different club teams
• "committing" to 299 different Division III teams.

Women's "Commitments" and Recruiting Classes

[UPDATED: May 16, 2019]

The list to date includes
• 566 women's players
• representing 35 different states and more than 380 different high schools and 220 different club teams
• "committing" to 196 different Division III teams.

Division III Non-Binding Commitments

Division III institutions are not permitted to use any form of a letter of intent or similar form of commitment in the recruitment of a prospective student-athlete (Note: the National Letter of Intent program is designed for NCAA Division I and II programs that offer athletic scholarships). However, as of August 1, 2015, a Division III institution may use a standard, nonbinding athletics celebratory signing form after a prospective student-athlete has been accepted for enrollment to the institution.

The standard form shall be made available by the NCAA national office and its content cannot be altered or customized by individual institutions. However, the form may be placed on institutional letterhead or have an institutional logo of some form attached to it. Use of the non-binding athletics celebratory signing form is not required, giving Division III institutions discretion in determining whether to make use of the form. Other forms, however, are not be permitted.

There is no restriction on how the form is delivered to the prospective student-athlete. However, coaches are not permitted to be in attendance during the signing of the form, regardless of whether the signing is public with media present.

Submission of "Commitments" / Recruiting Classes

• Our on-line submission form is convenient for submitting "commitments" made by individual players to attend and play soccer at a Division III institution. Once our initial recruiting class lists have been posted, this form can also be used to provide missing or corrected/updated information about a player already on our lists.

• If submitting several commitments at once, such as your team's recruiting class, a time-saving alternative to the on-line submission form is our submission spreadsheet which can be downloaded, filled-in and e-mailed to us.

Regardless of which method is used, in addition to the player's name and the Division III team to whom he/she has made a "commitment", we ask for but do not require the following additional information: position(s), hometown, high school, club team, and link to a highlight video.

ATTENTION: Division III Coaches and SIDs, prior to submitting any information, please confirm your school's and your conference's policies and regulations regarding the release of recruiting class information, including time frame restrictions.


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