December 31, 2018

Navigation Notes - Weekly Columns

With only four slots in our "carousel" and four men's and four women's weekly columns along with the weekly Top 25 Poll results, there will be nine articles published within less than three days.  This means that it is highly likely content will be missed.  

As a short term solution we have set up three ways to access your favorite articles:

  1. As in the past all articles can always be found under the "Columns" tab on the main home page. Simply hover over the "Columns" tab and a drop down menu will appear with access to each columns folder.
  2. As a new feature both men's and women's columns will be accessible under the "News" tab n the main home page. There is a link there to both the men's and women's columns folders.
  3. Lastly as each new column is published it will appear in the "carousel" but the headline with a link will be posted in the "Men's News" or "Women's News" in the section immediately below the "carousel".

As an alternative, you could also simply bookmark your favorite column(s) for quick reference. If you link to the column folder (the link in the "Columns" drop down menu, you will always be directed to the most recently published content.

No contests today.
No contests today.
No contests today.