October 19, 2013

The Ephs Victory over the Jumbos 3-1

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WILLIAMSTOWN, MA – The Williams women's soccer team (8-1-2, 5-1-1) defeated the Tufts Jumbos (6-5, 4-4) today 3-1. The first goal was shot in the first half by Eph Freshman Audrey Thomas. During the second half, the Jumbos scored with Senior Anya Kaufman, tying the game. But the Ephs came back as Thomas scored once more and Freshman Katie Wardlaw scored right after her.


The Williams offense was very strong today and began making multiple shots early on in the game. During the 13th minute, Junior Hana Tomozawa attempted to score, but was blocked. After the ball was deflected, Audrey shot once more and landed the ball into the goal, getting Williams onto the scoreboard for the first time today.


With 16 minutes left in the first half, the Williams offense continued to play strong as Junior Lilly Wellenbach took a shot, which rebounded off the top crossbar. Wardlaw then took the rebound and shot again, but was blocked by a Tufts defender. The ball then went back to Wellenbach who took the third shot, which landed wide. Nonetheless, the Jumbos defense was strong.


Minutes later, the Jumbos came very close to scoring a goal as First Year Katie Coyle came from the left dribbling the ball and crossed it over to the left side of the box right in front of Kaufmann who attempted to shoot. However, Williams Goalkeeper Hannah Van Wetter got to it first and protected the ball.


The end of the first half concluded with a corner kick in the last 15 seconds by the Ephs. Junior Mai Mitsuyama took the kick. The ball sailed into the box, but because of the Jumbo's strong defense and Tufts Goalkeeper Kristin Wright's skill, none of the Williams offense could score.


During the second half of the match, the Jumbos ran onto the field with much more energy and enthusiasm. By the 56th minute, they had gotten onto the scoreboard. The goal was scored by Kaufmann, who ran in from the right side and scored with no assist. This tied the game for the next 20 minutes and showed that the Jumbos were not going to go down easily.


With 17 minutes left on the clock, Junior Ali Magruder made some dangerous shots towards the goal. As she shot, the ball was deflected by Wright. But this did not stop Magruder from shooting again. Her attempt at the goal was once again thwarted by Wright, who made multiple strong saves throughout the game.


After being tied for about 20 minutes, Mitsuyama assisted Thomas in making the second goal for the Williams Ephs as she took a corner kick for the team. The ball flew into the box, then Thomas leaped up and headed it into the goal, getting the Ephs onto the scoreboard for the second time today at 55:09. But the Ephs did not stop there. Moments later, Wardlaw got possession of the ball in the middle of the box and kicked it into the right side of the goal. Wardlaw scored the third goal for the Williams Ephs at 80:45 and made her 10th goal this season. 


The Williams offense was very strong for they outshot the Jumbos 29-6. Nonetheless, the Tufts goalkeeper Wright made 10 amazing saves while Van Wetter remained strong and made one save today.


Head Coach Michelyne Pinard says that " It really showed today that we have one of the toughest leagues in the country… But people just kept working, kept plugging, kept digging it out, and sometimes we just have to gut out wins and so I am very pleased."


She comments on the goals scored today by praising her team for "knowing that everyone on this team can contribute to a win… From freshman to senior, it is a team. And this is what contributes to the great energy and the great results like this today."


The Ephs will travel to Middlebury this Tuesday October 22nd to take on the Panthers at 3:00 PM.